Night Settles by DS Maolalai

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Moment Poetry poem #4 – Night Settles by DS Maolalai. Published in November 2020.

Art work by Berenika Polomová.

All 100 copies are signed by DS. 25% of the sale price goes directly to the poet.

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The fourth poem in the Moment Poetry collection is ‘Night Settles’ by DS Maolalai.

around 7pm. the day from light
to warmth of blackness,
like fingers slinking left
along piano keys.

I make two cups of tea
and pour some biscuits. bring them back
to where you are,
wrapped and quilted, quiet
behind your wine. we have
our choice now; I’ve brought
options, and the dog
keeps shifting too –

the heat is on and she is unable
to decide how warm to be. the tv’s paused.
you’ve been waiting for me. and you are comfortable –
you don’t get up
and I don’t expect you to. I take my tea,
put yours down
and go outside
for a cigarette before the movie. at the window

moths beat themselves senseless.
their wings are soft,
their sounds pillowy; all snow,
falling and very grey.

Dimensions 18 × 18 cm

Polomova, Berenika


Maolalai, DS

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