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Latest from our blog:

  • The story behind the poem: On the Eve of Her Birthday by Jessica Martinez
    When we received Jessica‘s Moment Poetry submission it was exactly ten days before the 8th birthday of our older son. This coincidence only strengthened our conviction that we have found our poem #11. Birthdays are a good occasion to take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life – very well known to all […]
  • The girl behind (most) of the illustrations
    Each of the poems we publish is accompanied by an original illustration or art work which tries to capture its emotion or atmosphere. Berenika Polomová, a young artist from Slovakia, is the author of the art work for several poems and we thought it would be a good idea to introduce her briefly. Where do […]
  • The story behind the poem: A Sculpture Garden by Elisa Subin
    After taking a short summer break, we’re glad to introduce poem #10 in our series – A Sculpture Garden by Elisa Subin. We are often forced (or feel forced) to live our lives in haste, keeping ourselves busy to demonstrate to others and ourselves how important and successful we are. Keeping ourselves busy also enables […]
  • The story behind the poem: Late Life Love by RC deWinter
    Our original intention was to publish RC deWinter‘s poem ‘Late Life Love’ in May, but with everything (including nature) coming back to life a little later this year, it had to wait for June… When discussing and rereading the poems on our shortlist, Mazzy Star was playing in the background. The music, mood and the […]
  • Moment Poetry: year ONE in review
    The very first poem in the Moment Poetry series – Last Tuesday by Gabrielle Clover – came out in May 2020. A year later, the series now includes eight poems, each of which adds something special to the mix. Over the past 12 months, we’ve had the privilege to read hundreds of submitted poems and […]
  • The story behind the poem: Chestnut Tree by Anna Blasiak
    Anna Blasiak, the author of Moment Poetry poem #8, is the first non-native English speaker to be featured in the Moment Poetry series. As an established Polish-English translator she lives and works in the UK. ‘Chestnut Tree’ is a poem which uses its subtle simplicity to conjure a vivid mental image of the tree, occupying […]