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Our goal is to help promote quality poetry and support aspiring poets. We are very grateful that you’ve decided to join us on this path.
We hope you enjoy our offer of carefully selected poems by aspiring poets in a unique visual format.
25% of the price you pay goes directly to the author of the poem.

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Latest from our blog:

  • A Poem as a Gift
    We’re still waiting for our fourth poem to return from Ireland while poem #5 is already on its way to England to be signed by its author. We hope to add both of them to the offer soon but the current restrictions have also slowed down international postal services considerably. We’re really happy with how […]
  • The story behind the poem: Salt and Vinegar by Steve Denehan
    The poems Steve submitted were a little shorter than what we were looking for and although it was love at first read, we didn’t add them to our shortlist right away. However, we kept coming back to them and then realized that we have unconsciously already made our decision. The number of lines didn’t matter […]
  • The story behind the poem: A Cottage in Nova Scotia by Carter Vance
    After we had released the first Moment Poetry poem in May, our fear was that we won’t receive enough submissions to keep the series going. To our big surprise, within two weeks after announcing the open call for submissions, we were facing the opposite problem. Poems were coming in from all over the world and […]
  • Awaiting your poems!
    After a rather long period of discussions, thinking and planning, it felt very good to actually get to work and turn an idea into reality. Moment Poetry started its existence with its first published poem – the wonderful ‘Last Tuesday’ by Gabrielle Clover. We will do our best to publish six more poems until the […]
  • The story behind the poem: Last Tuesday by Gabrielle Clover
    The story behind Gabrielle’s ‘Last Tuesday’ overlaps with the story behind Moment Poetry. Gabrielle read a few of her poems at our bookstore/cafe Eleven Books & Coffee as a part of the Poetry Cafe Night organized by Fountain Poetry back in October 2017. I’ve had a vague idea for a poetry project in my head […]