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Latest from our blog:

  • The story behind the poem: Ode to a Young Screech Owl by Trish Hopkinson
    Trish Hopkinson, the author of Moment Poetry poem #7, is one of the few poetry bloggers we followed even before launching our own project. We find the energy and enthusiasm with which she provides her readers with valuable information from the literary world truly inspirational. She was one of the first people we reached out […]
  • The story behind the poem: The Moon Over My Mother’s House by Laurie Kuntz
    The poem which opens the year 2021 for Moment Poetry is the shortest one we have published thus far. It is one of those rare poems which are able to say it all in a few elegant lines without forcing anything on the reader. The mesmerizing image of the moon with its magnetic power and […]
  • The story behind the poem: The Problem with Magic Shows by Cora Ruskin
    To close this strange year we were looking for something colorful and crazy. ‘The Problem with Magic Shows‘ caught our attention because it was different than most of the poems we receive. It was full of wild imagery that could inspire the cover illustration and it was fun. 2020 has been a demanding year and […]
  • The story behind the poem: Night Settles by DS Maolalai
    Our fourth poem also comes from Ireland (following Steve Denehan‘s Salt and Vinegar). DS Maolalai originally submitted a different poem which we liked very much but were not entirely convinced it was the best choice for our format. When we explained this to DS he sent ‘Night Settles’ in return and that settled it. What […]
  • A Poem as a Gift
    We’re still waiting for our fourth poem to return from Ireland while poem #5 is already on its way to England to be signed by its author. We hope to add both of them to the offer soon but the current restrictions have also slowed down international postal services considerably. We’re really happy with how […]
  • The story behind the poem: Salt and Vinegar by Steve Denehan
    The poems Steve submitted were a little shorter than what we were looking for and although it was love at first read, we didn’t add them to our shortlist right away. However, we kept coming back to them and then realized that we have unconsciously already made our decision. The number of lines didn’t matter […]