Chestnut Tree by Anna Blasiak

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Moment Poetry poem #8 – Chestnut Tree by Anna Blasiak. Published in April 2021.

Photography by Lisa Kalloo.

All 100 prints are signed by Anna. 25% of the sale price goes directly to the poet.

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The eighth poem in the Moment Poetry collection is ‘Chestnut Tree’ by Anna Blasiak.

Chestnut Tree

The park by the music school
was always filled with
screeching of
rookie violins
and warbling flutes.

You endured.
Swishing leaves
like music sheets
from the library. Like Vivaldi.
You swayed.

We danced around
as if jumping
between black
and white
keys of a piano. You shivered.

You pelted us
with chestnuts.
We turned them
into stick people
with no gift for music.

Dimensions 18 × 18 cm

Kalloo, Lisa


Blasiak, Anna

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