The story behind the poem: Late Life Love by RC deWinter

Our original intention was to publish RC deWinter‘s poem ‘Late Life Love’ in May, but with everything (including nature) coming back to life a little later this year, it had to wait for June…

When discussing and rereading the poems on our shortlist, Mazzy Star was playing in the background. The music, mood and the words fell together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and amplified the power of the poem.

As RC deWinter states “I’m writing my autobiography one poem at a time.” And it is clear that for her, poetry is a way of processing her life and the events around her. This adds another level to her enchanting poetry. Worldly wisdom communicated in haunting images and beautiful words.

RC added: “The inspiration for all my poetry is a varied amalgam of past experience, my present life, current events, dreams, fears, desires, art, people here and gone, science, history, the writings of more people – poets and not – than I can name and pure imagination. I often say I am made of words.

Photo credit: Moment Poetry

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