The story behind the poem: The Problem with Magic Shows by Cora Ruskin

To close this strange year we were looking for something colorful and crazy. ‘The Problem with Magic Shows‘ caught our attention because it was different than most of the poems we receive. It was full of wild imagery that could inspire the cover illustration and it was fun.

2020 has been a demanding year and we are grateful we were able to launch Moment Poetry and publish five poems along with some wonderful art work. So Cora’s ‘The Problem with Magic Shows’ is also our small personal celebration, with the neon pink of Las Vegas and end-of-the-year fireworks.

Here’s what Cora Ruskin, the poem’s author, had to say about it:
“The Problem with Magic Shows is inspired by a visit to Las Vegas when I was 19. Since I was very obviously under 21, I kept getting shooed away from the casino floor and had nothing to do but buy expensive candy and watch a David Copperfield show. It was a weird experience because I absolutely love magic and illusions, but I find so many magicians a bit creepy!

So on one level it’s about that, but it’s also a metaphor for relationships and the different attitudes that we have to them. And on yet another level it’s a love story, albeit a very brief and completely platonic one. I like the idea of two people meeting and connecting and learning from each other, then going their separate ways.”

So above all, remember to see magic in the odd places, be open to strangers and what they can bring to your life, and, of course, enjoy the moment…

Cora Ruskin signing the prints of ‘The Problem with Magic Shows’ at her home in Bristol, England.

Photo credits: Moment Poetry (photo 1), Cora Ruskin (photo 2)

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