Awaiting your poems!

After a rather long period of discussions, thinking and planning, it felt very good to actually get to work and turn an idea into reality. Moment Poetry started its existence with its first published poem – the wonderful ‘Last Tuesday’ by Gabrielle Clover.

We will do our best to publish six more poems until the end of this year. If you would like to submit your poem, we’d be honored and glad to consider it. The requirements are simple:

  • a previously unpublished poem in English language
  • maximum length of 300 words (or less, depending on the poem structure) or 32 lines
  • willingness to share your poem with world

The visual aspect of each poem (the cover artwork) is discussed with the poet and approved by the poet. Once the design is finalized, one hundred copies are printed, numbered and then signed by the poet. The published poem can be ordered through our shop and 25% of the price goes directly to the poem’s author.

More details about what kind of poems we are looking for can be found in our brief interview with Trish Hopkinson.

We’re looking forward to your submissions at

Photo credit: Branislav Mrva

  • I’ve read your website carefully, and I simply cannot find any instructions regarding how to submit a poem. I love the idea of moment poetry. Please let me know how to submit.

    • Hi David,

      Sorry for the confusion… We’ll work on making the submission info easier to find. We’re looking for:
      Previously unpublished poem(s) in English language (up to three per author), maximum length of 300 words (or less, depending on the poem structure) or 32 lines. You can submit via email:


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